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Experts to unveil latest developments at Future Media Forum

For the first time in many years the Future Media Forum is gathering together in Moscow a unique team of academics, experts, practitioners, heads of prestigious international media organisations, Russian state agencies, representatives of associations and professional unions of journalists from Russia and other countries.

"For the Russian media market the Future Media Forum will open access to international knowledge and experience in media management and innovations in the media," says head of the RIA Novosti Media Lab Vasily Gatov. "The forum will give participants the chance to put questions to eminent academics, experts and practitioners, get answers, and present their cases, because the discussions will be open, in-depth and meaningful."

Taking part in the forum will be one of the most distinguished contemporary sociologists, the man behind the concept of the "network society", Professor Manuel Castells. In Gatov's opinion he is one of the few people who try to combine the processes taking place of the real world and social networks, and explain what this means for society and its future. Manuel Castells will highlight the issues related to socio-political movements in the Internet age, shaping in particular the mood of the Internet audience which the media has to reckon with.

Vice-president of Socialbakers Jiri Voves will be demonstrating the latest, as yet unannounced, Socialbakers products and in addition revealing a huge number of official statistics on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites to the forum participants.

Forum participants will discuss the system for measuring social networking figures and user attention. There will be a thorough discussion between political analysts, sociologists, economists and media specialists over what today's typical user is like and what needs to be done for them in the media and in real life.

Poet and philosopher Ivan Davydov will give "A speech about the image and behavior of Russians on the Internet." "Russians have always, I mean for the last 200 years or so, been proud of the logocentricity of their own civilization," says Davydov. "And what's more, in spite of the cult of the great writers, any educated Russian, that is anyone who has completed at least the first two grades of elementary school, understands that the greatest Russian writer is none other than themselves. Social networks have opened up the possibility of demonstrating this fact, which is obvious to every Russian, to the world, and our fellow citizens have whole-heartedly embraced this new reality, the reality of the verbal Utopia, starting  unwittingly reproduce the models described in the great classics, more often than not, Woe From Wit by Griboyedov and Chekhov's The Complaints Book.

Program of events:

The forum will be transmitted live at Viewers can send in their questions to speakers online. You must apply in advance to watch the transmission and take part.

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