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RAIN. Optimistic Channel – title media partner

RAIN. Optimistic Channel. is a live television channel for non-indifferent people.

It’s slogan is "Give television one more chance!"
24 hours a day, more than 50% of the air is live.
Broadcast on satellite and cable platforms, in your iPhone and iPad, on the internet at

- RAIN is a mass media breakthrough of the year 2010 according to the official awards of the National Television Academy «Golden ray», Russian Journalists Academy «Golden feather» and to such major Russian mass media as Kommersant, Vedomosti, Echo of Moscow, radio Svoboda (Radio Freedom) etc.

- In one year of its broadcast Rain has become one of top 7 most quoted Russian TV-channels according to Medialogia company, and has been called the most important news source by Vedomosti newspaper.

- So Rain is the only TV-channel having no «dramatic breach with the internet» mentioned by Russian President during his latest meeting with the chiefs of this country's main federal TV-channels.

- Many international mass media (ВВС, АRТЕ, Deutsche Welle, etc) reported on the new TV-channel.

- RAIN has made succesful, non-indifferent people with active citizenship and keen sense of responsibility and involvement get back to their TV-sets.

- And all this is due to the fact that RAIN is a different television, having nothing to be compared with, speaking a live humal language, having people, events and subjects which are really interesting for us.

- Promptness – same as on the web is combined with being open and emotional. Experiments are combined with programs on business and science. Sharp social and political issues  with art, literature and culture. Authorial point of view  with the variety of experts' opinions.


- every hour  news on what is actually going on around, live
- analytics, discussions and «round tables» with interesting people on important issues
- hosted programs, performances, dramatic reading, premieres and experiments
- live air from the main events venues in Russia as well as all over the world
- documentaries on sharp social issues, video-art, music
- social projects, stories of people and events that changed the world and influenced us
- economics, politics, society, life-style, environment, medicine, science, art, literature  we speak about everything that concers us

RAIN's hosts and presenters: Valery Panyushkin, Mikhail Fishman, Olga Pispanen, Maria Makeeva, Alexey Sukhanov, Sergey Tomash, Alexander F. Sklyar, Olga Dihovichnaya, Marina Malykhina, Dmitry Kaznin, Tatiana Arno, Filipp, Timofey and Tikhon Dzydko, Anna Mongayt, Olga Shakina, Mikhail Kazinik, Mikhail Kozyrev, Alex Dubas and others.

Ideologist and CEO Natalia Sindeeva
Editor-in-Chief Mikhail Zygar   live air.  news.  archive

It RAINs in NTV plus and Continent TV standard packages, on Beeline TV and MTS TV, in your PC, iPhone and iPad, at

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