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KommersantFM 93.6 – title partner


Radio Station KommersantFM 93.6

“All news radio” is a 24 hour information broadcaster which provides latest news, main topics of the day, current situation on the markets, relevant traffic and weather forecast at any time of the day at 93.6FM.
Format of the radio station allows the audience to get a wide range of information at any time of the day.
Unique line-up possesses extended attention holding power. Radio listeners can join the airtime and learn latest news under real-time operation mode and not waiting for the fixed-time news block.
KommersantFM employs all resources of the Publishing House Kommersant: exclusive information from reliable sources, up-to-date communication technologies and a wide correspondent net.
Leading journalists, analysts and observers of the Publishing House Kommersant take the floor on the air of KommersantFM.