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HeadHunter ( has operated in the Russian recruitment market since 2000. Today the portal is considered one of the best domestic online resources for job hunting and personnel hiring. HeadHunter's business model is based on selling information derived from its resume data base. The company has two strategic principles: constant investment into new technologies and on-going enhancement of the high quality of services offered.

Our mission

  • Assist HR managers and recruiters find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies.
  • Assist job seekers find fulfilling jobs.

Top and mid-level managers constitute the bulk of those who visit the portal to find new jobs. The quality of the resumes posted on the site is ensured by the thorough processing of each one. Resumes containing inadequate information are not retained.

We have the same rigorous approach to vacancies provided by employers - each is processed individually. We ensure that the HeadHunter site is not used to display vacancies for ordinary workers (shop assistants, loaders, yard-keepers, etc.), vacancies from companies engaged in network marketing or in dubious types of businesses.

HeadHunter provides both employers and job applicants with a state of the art, easy to use portal. In one click a recruiter can send a letter inviting an applicant for an interview or one to turn down an application. A key competition advantage, and unique feature, on the site is the possibility for job seekers to adjust the confidentiality level of their postings. Above average professionals are accustomed to advanced services, so when they start a job search is their preferred site. This site popularity makes it easier for employers to find high quality suitable personnel in a timely manner.